Powered by research and well documented evidence, CSL seeks to litigate at national and regional courts challenging violation of key rights while also utilizing litigation to catalyze reform of laws that have contributed to the denial of basic rights and freedoms. CSL pursues such strategic litigation in consultation with its national and international partners based on evidence of need and cause for such litigation. On the other hand, CSL’s public interest litigation is informed by the work undertaken in conjunction with the extensive network of paralegals and legal aid providers in the country to examine and identify issues deserving collective action or public interest litigation.  CSL uses legal aid cases and processes to identify challenges, issues, concerns and grounds for initiating public interest litigation to address admissible grievances through the courts of law. To this end, CSL works with those affected by the enactment of laws, abuse and arbitrary use of existing legislation to challenge impunity, laws and practices that are in contravention of the constitution.